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13 Different Disney Mugs…

Disney Princess cups, I definitely want the Cinderella and the Prince mugs

I am a Princess.

I am a Princess. Long may I reign. Favorite quote every girl should know this

Even though Road to El Dorado is NOT Disney, it's just too funny not to post

Disney. The ages don't quite fit, but the principle does!

Adults Are Only Kids Grown Up! Gah this is so true! Cried like a baby in Toy Story

That´s why The Lion King is my all time favorite Disney movie!

20 facts about the lion king. Frozen may be good, but nothing will ever top the lion king.

I love this so much.

Toy Story: Glow in the Dark by *YoukaiYume on deviantART AWWW! especially because in the second toy story she started getting freaked out when she had to go back in the box saying she didn't want to go in the dark again.

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Anna has super strength/agility head cannon accepted. Frozen is not a prequel to the Incredibles.

16 Disney Movies Retold In Haiku… so I don't care for Disney movies, but this is funny.

16 Disney Movies Retold In Haiku. excuse the language, but these are in HAIKU. Not that I agree with all of them, either. but Disney, meet poetry