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Knowledge Is Nothing Without Execution

This is exactly why I don't open up to people. What if they don't care about me as much as I thought they did? They to HAVE to show me exactly how much they care about me before I feel confident enough to open up to them.

Music quote

Oh the cherished memories my ♥ holds. Music for young lovers. I listen to the old romantic songs and close my eyes and can feel like I am home and in someones arms dancing. The songs had meaning, a lot of slow songs, a lot of romance.

This immediately brings to mind twenty one pilots and Relient K ♫

I still think the main thing that amazes me about music, is how an artist sums up emotion & exactly how you feel, in minutes

the best

Just Little Things. Even if you've been to a hotel, there's nothing like you're own bed ❤️

Next to love, music is the best solution to any problem. Music feeds the heart…

Next to love Music is the best solution to any problem, Music feeds the heart with what it needs in the moment.

Amen.... At least getting lost in music and lyrics, helps you not have to deal with the BS dished out

I like being alone listening to music in my own world, away from all the bullshit in life. Sometimes, yes:) Hp Lyrikz Top quality quotes

Ji has done this for me...

My favorite hiding place is actually Jesus, but he makes amazing music