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Black is the new Black... Coke.

Alex Keating posted Matte Black Coke Zero to his -graphic designs- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Rod Mireau | wooden sculpture detail

This piece is an example of pattern and texture because of the pattern that the piece makes. The wooden sculpture looks like rocks which seem to have a smooth texture. The light and dark also create visual interest and increases appeal.


Texture & pattern: The Beauty of Blackberries! (If you want to grow gorgeous organic fruit like this, we have just the right organic fertilizer to do it - EarthPods available from our site)

Forever fascinated by honeycombs.

Forever fascinated by honeycombs.

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This is an example of texture. It is an example of texture because even though we cannot feel the tire we know from expirience what is feels like and we can picture it. We can also see also see the ridges and design. Which shows woven like a basket.

Honey jars with herbs

THIS is such a Cool idea. Bees provide us so many healthy products, I pray they don't go away for good . Herb-Infused Honeys : so doing this with the sage and pot of raw honey on my kitchen bench, when I get home tonight

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Beech row

Looking up at the top of the trees. Love the path of space that's created where no tree branches are. Art by nature.