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Looks like a fun place, until supper time! WTF? Get it together RUSSIA....

"Meanwhile In Russia" Compilation.

Meanwhile in Russia, been there.  Not surprised at these pix.

Finland, the land of personal space and/or social anxiety

Meanwhile in Russia.maybe Russia will be my new China cos I have this weird obsession with Vlad

i prefer fútbol myself.

I don't understand why the American wants to call it "soccer" and their American football "football" when the players hold the ball in "hands" most of the time. This black and white ball is called "FOOTBALL"!

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Meanwhile, in Russia...

Only In Russia

Funny pictures about Cop Cars Around The World. Oh, and cool pics about Cop Cars Around The World. Also, Cop Cars Around The World photos.

Country Balls Part Two.

Country Balls Part Two.

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Meanwhile in Russia :D

Meanwhile in Russia :D

In Soviet Russia... | Know Your Meme

In Soviet Russia...

“In Soviet Russia” or “the Russian Reversal” is a type of joke created by stand-up comedian Yakov Smirnoff.