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If you have a sunny, sheltered border, you have the makings of a butterfly garden. Here's what you need to get started.

Family Planting: Butterfly Garden

Add a butterfly garden with the few easy steps in this HGTV Gardens guide to building the perfect butterfly habitat. Melissa Kuehnle - Gardening Is Life

.butterfly bush

17 Low Maintenance Perennials

Sedum Summer Glory web site with ground cover seeds

Sedum Spurium Summer Glory Sedum (Sedum Spurium Summer Glory) - This beautiful image of Sedum Summer Glory is from K.

texas weeping redbud

Traveller Weeping Texas Redbud

Rose Daphne Plant Care | eHow

Daphne, How to grow and care for Rose Daphne and Winter Daphne plants - Garden Helper, Gardening Questions and Answers

Who wouldn't want to relax with a cup of coffee on this patio, gazing into the brilliant white flower heads of that sensational hydrangea bush? A type of hydrangea that I, myself grow that has large white flower heads is 'Incrediball,' which I tell you about in this article: http://landscaping.about.com/od/shrubsbushes/p/Incrediball-hydrangea.htm

Growing "Incrediball" Hydrangeas

Incrediball hydrangeas have stronger branches and bigger flower heads than Annabelle shrubs.

Did you know before your Autumn Joy Sedum blooms, Snip a few stems from each plant and plant the stems back into the rich soil and volia another Autumn Joy Sedum.

Before your Autumn Joy Sedum blooms, snip a few stems from each plant and plant the stems back into the rich soil and volia! Another Autumn Joy Sedum.