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The Chinese on this sign is to remind people not to fall into the river, while the English translation is to remind people "to fall into the.

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Somewhere thinks children are as wild and dangerous as children. The Wonders of Life!

♥   really  ???   haha... No Problem, I  gladly will pay this in my NEXT Life .....

Funny and hilarious signs: Funny warning signs: Touching wires causes instant death.

So, this happened in real life before? - FunSubstance.com

Sign In A Japanese Restaurant. "No matter how angry you are, no flicking over tables.


Oh no, you got the names around the wrong way. Criminals keep law and order and police commit crimes.

my poor brother found this out the hard way when we were kids lmbo!!!...i'll never forget that lol!

Farm: "Do not cross this pasture unless you can do it in 9 seconds, because the bull can do it in

where should I empty my dog??

Don't empty your dog, like it's a backpack or something. I think it means don't let your dog take a poop here, or empty his/her bladders.


I'm American, and it depends. when I'm drinking from a mug it's always posh, but when I drink from a cup from a coffee shop it's always english.

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Danger - Machine hates idiots - Funny sign on a machine in this funny picture.