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Os olhos dela tinham um tom de dourado. Mesmo que ele estivesse disfarçado pelas forte sombra ao redor deles, eram os olhos mais enfeitiçadores que havia tido a honra de conhecer.

His eyes were molten gold with catlike slits that flexed as they adjusted to the lamplight. Despite his neutral expression, those orbs were fierce upon her, and she found she could not tear her gaze away.

just like ANIMALS  ------------   a mix for my character 'Soma' from the stories I am working on.  > please don't remove my caption! thank you!

Xx- "And my bite is ferocious, fangs alongside blunt teeth that are ruthless in tearing flesh. You will regret ever treating me this way. I will eat you alive.

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aesthetic — (the night touches us in all places.


Los Angeles Neon Lights Photographer Vicky Moon has roamed Los Angeles streets by night in order to capture signs lights. In a deep midnight blue atmosphere, electric pink and blue signs light.