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This is a beautiful video from Dr. Brene Brown that explains the difference between empathy and sympathy and which one really leads to a genuine…

Love this - baby meeting her Daddy for the first time!  HE WAS OUT THERE FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOM.

Adorable and sad. We are so blessed to have men and women that will leave their families behind to fight for our country, some never to return. God bless our soldiers. This is beautiful. Sad but beautiful.

▶ Charlie & Jackie Spotlight Dance July 13, 2013 - I NEED THIS TO BE MY FIRST DANCE. So wonderful! Shag dancing at its finest

Charlie & Jackie Spotlight Dance July 2013 - "shag dancing" - looks like fun :)

Escolha Mundial catálogo mãe de mono ☆!

free printable poster "keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows"

So so true. You must be able to live w/his negative qualities. Just as he must be able to live w/yours.

Very well said, could not agree more. You can't change people, baby girl. See if you puts You/God in front of THEM, or walk away. Some people just don't fit.

This is what parenting done right looks like…

This is what parenting done right looks like…

"Legally Blonde," 2001, Robert Luketic. Elle Woods bringin' it home!

10 tips for writing a grad school personal statement with funny Elle Woods picture

Where is my mind?

The wonders Within Your Head - This infographic provides a visual to show how the different parts of the brain function. The infographic illustrates the brains, nose and throat functions in Lamen's terms so that it is clear to the reader

RSA Shorts: Dr Brené Brown, "The Power of Empathy" | The difference between empathy and sympathy when conducting therapy or interacting in any relationship

What is the best way to ease someone's pain and suffering? In this beautifully animated RSA Short, Dr Brené Brown reminds us that we can only create a genuine empathic connection if we are brave enough to really get in touch with our own fragilities.