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This beach looks amazing, i would love to go there
The Skeleton Coast spans from Namibia to Angola. It's one place where you wouldn't want to find yourself without fresh water and--oh, yeah--a camera. While the Bushmen of the Namibian Interior have dubbed it "The Land God Made in Anger," there's no denying that as intimidating as it may be, it sure is beautiful. If you're into desolation and scary animals remains, that is.
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trying to keep it
Evidence that wild #orangutans are scary smart #io9 #travel @josephbcastro
I remember taking this long boring road on our way to St. Pete to see our fam.  So my brother and I would count to compete to see who had more alligators on their side of the road!!! Fun during the day time but scary as heck at night!
A supernatural thriller about a woman who gets caught in an ethereal love triangle between a ghost and a vampire. Arley Henke has purchased a beautiful mansion that was built in the early eighteen hundreds. She finds some journals written by Iris P., a woman who lived in the house during that era. As she reads the journals, Arley's soul joins with Iris P. Together they travel down a road of terror paved for them by the Dark Master, a vampire that has cursed the home centuries ago.