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вязаные штучки для дома

вязаные штучки для дома

This design is so intricate yet also so simple because of the all white coloring. They remind me of a lace table cloth and it is very impressive that they are able to make these

Vintage Lace & Doilies: Upcycled and Repurposed - this could be done with polymer clay, air bake clay, or of course stone ware and porcelain would be great! If you are actually firing these, glaze would look so cool Clay for Kids

Know Your Pillows! - Your Guide To Pillow Shapes and Sizes

Bedding basics for home decor sewing: Accent pillow shapes, sizes, and names. Since we're making you bedding Schoenfeld Gardner

We are in the height of summer, or at least the rest of the country is, but here in Seattle the sun is playing a nasty little game of hide and seek. So instead of soaking up the Vitamin D like I should be doing I have been sun-dreaming instead. Here is one of the projects I'm gonna jump on when that big bright star decides to make its appearance in the Pacific Northwest again.

How To: Make Summery Sun Print Pillows — Martha Stewart

Sun-Print Pillow - On these silk pillows, the hazy images and washed azure color lend an antique feeling and visual and tactile softness to any setting. How to Make the Sun-Print Pillow

turn a tree stump into a side table with leather and tacks

turn a tree stump into a side table with leather and tacks maybe put rollers on it for a cool stool for a closet, etc