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Let's take a moment and realize that JongUp is az the bottom and he's usint only one hand? BTW did anyone else realize that they're almost in birth order?

I honestly didn't look at anything else besides yongguk and his big ass cute gummy smile my heart melted

Hahaha aww he's such a sweetheart, look at him apologizing for hitting a fan with a bubble!

Him apologizing for hitting a fan with a bubble. if that's no the cutest thing you've seen then idk what your life is about

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same jungkook. Even the english, I can't english most of the time even though it's my first language XD

Damn Min Suga almost made Jin gay XD

But can we just appreciate Suga's face reaction? aha I can't lol

What Yoongi really means: She will love me anyways else she's missing the best thing probably ever happening in her life... *sweg*

and then here's Jin with "I'll just observe. Honestly I don't think he can just find someone else. Love is difficult to ignore and give up on :/

I love him

V is so proud of his english!