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Tiny People In Tiny Landscapes Hiding In Cities To Change Your ...

Tiny People In Tiny Landscapes Hiding In Cities To Change Your Perspective

Street artist Slinkachu creates scenes with miniature figures and every day objects as the landscape, which he hides in plain view on streets around the world.

Slinkachu - Micro Life

Funny pictures about Such a small world. Oh, and cool pics about Such a small world. Also, Such a small world photos.

Mælkebøtte skoven

rugged life A picture from underneath a dandelion! This is such an interesting perspective! - rugged life (This is my favorite point of view)


New Miniature Scenes By Slinkachu Andipa Gallery in London is showing the latest print release from “little people” artist Slinkachu. Crowds were asked to track down these installations and so they scoured the streets looking for Slinkachu's works in pub

A beautiful picture that captures the feeling I get when I read. A sort of calmness washes over me and makes me feel alive and flying. Like anything is possible and that I'm free to go anywhere and dream of anything.  -- Fidah

This is a photo of a women floating on a chair held up by balloons. In surrealism anything is possible, a women floating by balloons is only possible by imagination.

The Little People Project_by slinkachu  http://little-people.blogspot.com/

Dragon guitar

Funny pictures about Puddle Monster. Oh, and cool pics about Puddle Monster. Also, Puddle Monster photos.

Creatief met eten

21 Tiny People’s Big Adventures in a World of Food by William Kass - Hi let us have a look at the novel idea of making miniatures out of food, tiny pieces of

“Little People Project” Gallery by Slinkachu

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The best idea, EVER! Take photos with white background and sharpie in your own scenes. Too cute! #babyphotos

This baby runs a very interesting life! Very cute and fun idea to try with your baby pictures.