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Tips for Getting Grass to Grow Anywhere

In this warmer weather, grass clippings can be left on the lawn - so leave the grass box off the mower! Clippings will act as mulch, retaining moisture and feeding the fresh grass.

Pink Pampas #Ornamental #Grass

Pampas Grass Pink Tall Feathery Blooms~really easy to grow by seed and good privacy plant.


Grasses are a beautiful addition to the garden landscape.,,like wild grass;

Alliums and Mexican feather grass (stipa tennuisima). Just saw elsewhere that allium repels rodents, if that's of interest to Fields

Chocolate cosmos ~ once native to Mexico, now extinct in the wild.  It actually does smell like vanilla chocolate.

This is a dark red to brown species of Cosmos, native to Mexico. Sadly it has been extinct in the wild for over a hundred years. The species survives today as a single non fertile clone, which was created in 1902 by vegetative propagation.

A Red or Scarlet Flowering Gum Tree.

PlantFiles Pictures: Red Flowering Gum, Scarlet Flowering Gum (Corymbia ficifolia) by Kell

moss car / Sterling Moss parked too long ,so long in fact ,that moss grew on the paintwork ‼️

Green Beetle: "Danish artist Morten Flyverbom covered this VW Beetle in grass as part of his collection of ecological art pieces.