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Black deer? In my woodlands? It’s actually LESS likely than you think. According to Dr. John Baccus, director of the wildlife ecology program at Texas State University, “Even though we have more melanistic deer here than in the whole world, they’re still extremely rare. It’s the rarest of the white-tailed deer, even rarer than the big-antlered deer.

Black Beauties: 10 Amazing Melanistic Animals

Melanism, the opposite of albinism. Melanism is a recessive trait where the skin and fur are all black.

Image from http://baraza.wildlifedirect.org/files/2010/07/bushbaby42.jpg.

Image from http://baraza.wildlifedirect.org/files/2010/07/bushbaby42.jpg.

Resultado de imagen para animales albinos

Albino animals are incredibly rare in nature. They're so rare, in fact, that many ancient cultures considered albino animals to be magical. Albinism affects all vertebrate species and is the result of

Canard noir

A black duck with a green head at Conejo Creek North Park. I'm thinking this is just a melanistic mallard and not some other species.

Rare Sighting of a Black White-tailed Deer Fawn [9 Pictures]  March 14, 2012 at 6:00pm | by Josh  Even rarer than albino white-tailed deer are black, or “melanistic,” white-tails. Photographer R. M. Buquoi took these photos of a melanistic fawn near Austin, Texas.

essentialisinvisible: “ Even rarer than albino white-tailed deer are black, or “melanistic,” white-tails. Buquoi took this photo of a melanistic fawn near Austin, Texas.