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5 Most Expensive Cities To Book a Hotel http://bit.ly/1LCgWCt
Making The Most Of The Time Spent Traveling  Traveling completely to another country might be both a fascinating and frightening adventure. However it is possible to eliminate the scary parts just provided that you make yourself properly prepared beforehand. There are various activities you could do to ensure that you possess the best trip possible.  When traveling internationally with limited funds consider taking flights as an alternative to trains to your destinations. While trains are…
The area need to power the world using solar panels - WTF fun facts
Tokyo is a fascinating city, and despite its reputation as being a very expensive city, you will be pleasantly surprised at the Top 15 Free Things to Do in Tokyo.  With Japan’s ancient traditions and culture, and it’s frankly bizarre side –  you can see a lot of Tokyo without spending a cent, including eating and drinking for free. Let’s look at the top free things to do in Tokyo.
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The price of a permit to push a hot dog cart in NYC -   WTF fun facts
London, England England’s capital is one of the most exciting destinations in the world with the ancient architecture. Guests are often fascinated beauty that this place is one of London’s forgotten 10 most expensive cities in the world according to a survey from the TripAdvisor site. 450 USD is the cost that you have to spend the next day for a tour, including hotel rooms, taxis and meals.
Singapore still the world's most expensive city - Yahoo News Singapore