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Just girly things, BETHERS!!

okay member when harry styles sang " her name is noel, i had a dream about" he was clearly talking about bethers

So proud of Beth right now❤️:P

buy my favourite pieces from Bethany Mota's clothing line xxxxxx. I love u bethany ur my inspiration xxxxxxxx

girls read this! << this goes for a lot of guys as well. I know a lot of guys with insecurities. I personally think every single guy I know is beautiful, seriously, I don't understand how but they're all WAAAAY more attractive than me. Same for the girls. I'm a lot less attractive than every single one of my friends, and I'm okay with that. :3 Because to me, they're so beautiful. They're so amazing and perfect. -Bethany

You gurls don't even realize how amazing you are. It really breaks my heart sometimes.<< okay so I need to remember this because sometimes I just sit there wishing I had stuff. This makes me feel so much better.

Found this in the BIG picture scrapbook we made. Lol my face though

Beth) today was very interesting. Not exactly sure how to process half of it but it's nice to know someone is always there for you. Anyways I'm hanging out with Karlie:)