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Metatron's Cube Silver, digital artwork suitable for hi-quality printing!

Isis Alada: SIGNIFICADO DEL TETRAGRAMMATON y gran símbolo de protección

"The essence of one's work is only to come to the sensation of the existence of the Creator, to feel the existence of the Creator, that “the whole earth is full of His glory.

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Los Mándalas del Zodiaco

Mann - Mandala based on major religious, philosophical and cosmological systems created and organized using the square and the circle, relating to the astrological sign of Aquarius by its quality, numerology and symbolism,

The Guide is Not Outside, the Guide is Within You. Osho, The 99 Names of Nothingness, Talk #2

Med·i·ta·tion Temp·ta·tion- Inner, outer peace through yoga, food, and meditation.

"Kundalini" energy rising through the spine into the third eye and above

indigoracle: psycho-delic-cunt: xsageandspirit: "Kundalini" energy rising through the spine into the third eye and above ∞☯∞ Holy shiiittt…my vision looked so much like this image…yaarrrrrr

The Eastern Chakras and the Western Tree of Life, Drawn by Aleister Crowley

"The Eastern Chakras and the Western Tree of Life" love that I'm not the only one who noticed lol

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age-of-awakening: “ todayinkabbalah: “ Number 72 and the Code of the Ancients ” Very lovely! Observe it!

Jacob's ladder

The Tree of Life, also called Jacob's Ladder. This is a Kabbalistic image but interestingly, the spheres in the tree overlay the flower of life 'sacred' geometric form and therefore represents a Primal Pattern of Nature