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Wtf is going on here?!?

All the Pickering children couldn't see. On just how this happened no one could agree. But despite their dark lamps they could kill like a well-oiled machine. Selling pencils was a slow business.

Imágenes de странно страшные... (¿¿??) http://log-in.ru/articles/stranno-strashnye-fotografii/

The Avengers - Phantom Bride (villain)

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Slender Man Pictures in Real Life

WTF?! | 19 Creepy Vintage Ventriloquist Dummies Who Are Totally Getting Ready To Kill Their Owners


Jules Vernon, a famous early century vaudeville ventriloquist, his wife, and his “family” of dolls. On Christmas day in Jules went completely blind in the middle of a.

Not sure what I like best, the hair, the cat, or the doll.

Big haired kid and kitty

Still, spelling is still important. I will chastise you if you spell something wrong.

Only repost if you can read that is a preety amazing fact about the human that i really did not know

Meanwhile in Australia (series of pictures illustrating why I will NEVER go to Australia!)

This doesn't specifically SAY Australia but. it's Australia. oh why God, why? arrggghh, great country, but creepy shitty deadly things everywhere


i guess i have a pointless talent. fun fact: i also have a pointless talent for writing things upside down and backwards.

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