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Lord of the Rings Necklace LOTR Pendant T684 by teaANDtentacles, $8.75

This high quality image is enhanced with a glass dome to add depth and set in a 1 antique finished pendant bezel. Each pendant comes with a

They can make any state. I want. Etsy. California love

I love this! I'm a California girl, so of course! choose your state or country necklace love

Great Gift for the birthday girl that is haveing a Cinderella or Disney Princess Party $37.95 Disney Couture Jewelry The Icon Collection Cinderella Carriage Necklace

The Icon Collection Cinderella Carriage Necklace by Disney Couture Jewelry This is a cool necklace! I love the color of the carriage! Something blue to wear at your wedding!

Sleeping Beauty Kiss Pocket Watch Locket Necklace. Mine. Buying. Right now.

Bookshelf Pocket Watch Locket NecklaceBook library by simdesign; small, but Love the idea of wearing books (the books like this on a pendant would be nice for a book lover )