I like the little black stars with the color star combo. All colors but the purple are good

My ankle tat.each star is for a certain amount of weight I have kept off. The big star is reaching my goal weight

I wish I had one like that

When it comes to ankle and foot tattoos, what kind of designs do you love the most? Take a look at these 74 cute ankle and foot tattoos ideas for women… You’re gonna love Read more: 74 Cute Ankle.

120 Dainty Ankle Tattoos For Girls cool

120 Dainty Ankle Tattoos For Girls

Grass and flower tattoo on the ankle

The ankle is a very prominent spot picked for a tattoo by many women. Here are some amazing ankle tattoo designs that will steal your heart!

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Vine tattoos are the most feminine way of decorating parts of body with ink art. The vine tattoos look very attractive with well-detailed floral designs. These vine designs dazzle with leafy and colorful patterns.

Ankle Tattoo Designs And Meanings-Ankle Tattoo Ideas And Pictures

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoos are creative one with its amazing designs.Here are the list of all butterfly tattoos like tribal,semicolon, and also in different colors.