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Common Redpoll - Whatbird.com

Common Redpoll - Whatbird.com

My favorite bird and flower <3 Hummingbird and Iris <3

Hummingbird and Purple Iris--- 2 of the most beautiful things in the world. Purple Iris' are the Tennessee State Flower.

photo comparison of House Finches v. Purple Finches.  Distinguishing marks on Purple Finches:  look for small sagittal crest on males and white eyebrow strip on females.

comparison of House Finches v Purple Finches. Distinguishing marks on Purple Finches: small sagittal crest on males, white eyebrow strip on females

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American Robin

American Robin - Although they don't like our feeder, they love the bird bath!

Ivory billed Woodpecker 1912

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I love these cheeky little birds-- they're downright nosy. https://www.facebook.com/BirdsBloomsMagazine

Tufted Titmouse Habitat: Deciduous woodlands, preferably in swamps and river bottoms; has adapted to residential wooded areas. Diet: Insects, berries and seeds. Backyard Favorites: Sunflower and safflower seeds, most kinds of nuts, peanut butter and suet.