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Gotham- You can hitch a ride with me Batman. Need a ride to the bat cave?


Ever wondered what superheroes think of Social Media? Illustrator and comic artist Scott Hampson, wondered the same thing. He has drawn a very funny cartoon of Batman and Robin using FourWhere (…

Go Batman !

I'm over here like " I love Batman"! He's the best superhero after all ;

Batman: The Animated Series - Vendetta by Phantom City Creative – Mondo

Mondo is releasing two new prints by Phantom City Creative based on Batman: TAS episodes 'Vendetta' and 'Almost Got 'Im', available for a very limited time.

ahh nz humour.

Random collection of stuff I find funny.

This is funny but kinda creepy o_O

Here's The Good News And The Bad News About Marvel's New Spider-Man

yes they are Batman...yes...they...are

Man, haters gonna hate (20 Photos)

Just get out and do it. Either way haters will hate, that's why they're called haters. You think this guy cares about haters?

Bikram batman

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