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"Awwww, yes you do, sweet and precious Angel..." -LJ

Me, myself and mini-me Basset! Learn more about this breed here :

s7reetsahead: kids who are too good for this world

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Imagine the expression on the cats' faces when they try and cross this dog's backyard.

Funny pictures about Dog For Sale. Oh, and cool pics about Dog For Sale. Also, Dog For Sale photos.

Speaks for itself.

Years ago we had human discrimination. now we have dog discrimination.

... year old boston terrier that was adopted from the boston terrier Here is why I love Boston Terrier

Blue Eyes are against the breed standard. But who cares, they sure are pretty!


People gave us Cady as pup said she was pit bull. @ 6 months, she may be half pit bull, but she is definitely weimeraner. Strong genes and obvious traits in this breed and sweet personality


Pet Adoption - Search dogs or cats near you. Adopt a Pet Today. Pictures of dogs and cats who need a home. Adopt a dog, Adopt a cat.

"Cats “Headbutt” people because they make them feel safe, or they trust them." ~ @RTFFacts

"Cats “Headbutt” people because they make them feel safe, or they trust them.


Watching TV with a friend . who's more interested the golden lab or the kid?

Musical chairs!

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