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Stapelia Orbea Variegata Starfish Succulent Plant IN 10cm POT | eBay

Stapelia Orbea variegata (Starfish) succulent plant in pot

Agave polly pelona...., STUNNING!

Symmetry & Design - Agave Pelona / Very Rare Succulent / Not Aloe,Haworthia

Mother of Thousands Plant Khaleesi Plant Kalanchoe Easy to Grow 6" Pot | eBay

Mother-of-Thousands Plant - Khaleesi Plant - Kalanchoe - Easy to Grow! - 6" Pot

Also called Devil's Backbone, Alligator Plant, Mexican Hat Plant or Mother of Thousands, It is a succulent plant native to Madagascar.

Stapelia hirsuta                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Stapelia hirsuta, common name starfish flower or carrion plant, is a species of flowering plant belonging to the family Apocynaceae.


Fractals and Fibonacci spirals in a cactus 'Solisia pectinata Cristata'

Crassula deceptor → Plant characteristics and more photos at: http://www.worldofsucculents.com/?p=3990

This looks so space aged! a very cool I would love to try as a Crassula deceptor Crassula arta