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Day 117 - Circled granny square.

I feel as though I've made an awful lot of squares so far this year, and we're still not a third of the way through. It's got to the stage w.

365 Granny Squares Project: Popcorn star.....

Today's square, the popcorn star, uses a clever combination of tog and fptc to create the pointy star tips: The pattern for this squa.

365 Granny Squares Project: August 2013

Today's square is square 38 from the crochet squares book: This is a very different pattern to the first square titled dahlia that I made.

365 Granny Squares Project: Another squircle.....

One thing that never ceases to amaze me about this year long project of mine is how much my crochet is improving. I now have the confidence .

365 Granny Squares Project: A corner to corner square.......

I can see this stitch becoming really addictive, it's so easy to do and is much prettier than the standard basic granny square: I worked .

Day 148 - A square of two halves.

365 Granny Squares Project: A square of two halves.

365 Granny Squares Project: Something completely different..

Day 9 - Something completely different, a pretty square with a flower centre.