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Perfect for me right now www.extremeparenthood.com

Adventures in Extreme Parenthood: Special Needs Ryan Gosling, Part II

Researching biogenesis and came across this randomly. #Ryan #Gosling if I could grow one from a petri dish, my college education would be completely worth it!

I don't even get Ryan Gosling but this is hilarious. My sewing table isn't sturdy, but my cutting table? Oh yeah baby.

I hate people!!!!

and the milk in your fridge expired 1 month ago. I don't hear you saying "but there's still milk in it", you're throwing it out, no matter what's left in the jug.


Pickup Line- Big Bang Theory. Wow, haven't thought about endoplasmic reticulum in about 10 years!

19 Memes That Every Pharmacy Should Post | Page 3

True in hospital pharmacy too! I'll finish verifying the orders and checking the IV's and send them up as soon as you stop calling and asking me where they are!

Yes. Please go park and come inside to buy your own otc items. No I can not go get you a drink, or depends, unless you can prove to me you can't walk... but tell me after I say no..

Meme Alert: 12 Examples Of Baby Godfather

Sorry for the f-bomb.but after many years of working pharmacy drive-thru.this nails my old job perfectly!