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Трое в упряжке, не считая кота - «Вещи не такие, какими кажутся…»

A little over six months ago, nobody was certain if Rosie the kitten would live. However, thanks to Lilo the Husky, Rosie made a spectacular recovery and is now a happy member of the family.

Lol! The dog looks like Steele from Balto. :)

Dog in a wolf hat! Dog in a wolf hat! I love huskies & want one do badly :(


they thought this kitten was going to die, but then she met a Husky named Lilo

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velveteenrabbit: “ animals-riding-animals: “ cat riding dog I. ” --Cat:" I don't know why you got this noisy thing but get him out now." Dog: "OMG help me I'm living with a psycho!

Scorpix Mind Meld

They Both Look Very Innocent To Me // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - cat

Play with me… it's a gift @Rachel

Play with me…

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This Kitten Wasn't Expected to Make It. Until She Met a Husky Named Lilo

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