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WIP Sailor Moon Pluto Time Staff - Cosplay Prop by NettyCosplay on deviantART

WIP / Tutorial of my Sailor Pluto Time Staff Made of wood, Plexiglass, Polyurethan and Fiberglass Finished prop WIP Sailor Moon Pluto Time Staff - Cosplay Prop

Sailor Pluto bookmark by Marc-G.deviantart.com on @deviantART

New bookmark for my Sailor Moon bookmarks set ! All the Inner Senshi are done so here is the first sailor of the Outer Senshi : Sailor Pluto !

Sailor Pluto Lip Rod - Sailormoon Crafts WIP by *sakky-attack on deviantART

I'm so glad it's done! I think the periwinkle could've been lighter to be accurate to the anime, but I kind of like the contrast of it a bit darker so I went with it. I stole som.