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Proud family :)

You probably didn't realize that it's been forever since some of your favorite Disney Channel shows began.

Disney movies are life

Disney movies are life

Brink, Halloweentown, Zenon, Smart House, Johnny Tsunami, Luck of the Irish, Tru Confessions & The Even Stevens Movie.

Enough with the disney princesses, what about some classic disney channel movies?

disney channel originalmovies from the

my place cards idea, love love love.

favorite disney princesses in order: jasmine, ariel, rapunzel, mulan, belle

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Life's a b**ch

Lilo & Stitch --How I entered my friend's lives.

old school disney insults: Ahhh, innocence :)

this is suite life of Zack and Cody but idc I'm pinning it to the on deck board cuz I like this XD

...he didnt make a very handsome throw-rug lol

top half, scene from lion king zazu says [Scar]d make a handsome throw rug. bottom half, animated gif, scene from hercules, hercules is throwing his lion pelt to the ground - it is the pelt of Scar.>>>I love how sneaky Disney is!

The Incredibles watch this movie and you are going to turn into an incredibles

Alternative Disney dump - Imgur

Alternative Disney dump

But really, despite them being completely diabolical, they're diabolical TOGETHER and that's what true friendship is about. They're just one of my favorite Disney friends groups that are cannon.

I miss this Disney

I miss the old disney! Did anybody else watch their summer show when they competed in the Disney Channel Games?<<< I remember Disney Channel Games!

Stitch drinking his coffee

Stitch drinking his coffee, Lilo and Stitch

Tom Marvolo Riddle's Diary

Disney Characters: Lilo and Stitch, Lilo and Stich

"the disney shows today suck ,i miss the old ones" by mari-xoxo ❤ liked on Polyvore

I miss old Disney tv shows sooooooooo much :-(

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