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【年金】「配偶者加給年金」で老後がお得?月に3万2000円もUPする!?年金の豆知識もまとめました - YouTube

【年金】「配偶者加給年金」で老後がお得?月に3万2000円もUPする!?年金の豆知識もまとめました - YouTube

Retirement is a big change; following decades of work, your time is suddenly your own. While some daydream about long days on the golf course or lengthy holidays in the south of France, other people begin to worry about being able to afford to turn the heating on or having nothing to do. In no particular order, here are five big concerns people have as they approach and enter retirement. #retiring #work #hobbies #boredom

Retirement causes worries about affording creature comforts filling that extra time you have on your hands. Here are 5 big concerns people have on retirement.

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Wendy Ewald | photographer and founder of Literacy Through Photography | Visionary Woman Awardee 2010

Wendy Ewald: Philanthropy in Focus presented by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Je ne fais plus que des lessives écologiques

I plan to continue dressing with less via Project 333 in Declutter Your Closet with the Project 333 Experiment

Nondrug Remedies Can Ease Psoriatic Arthritis Pain - KEEPHEALTHYALWAYS.COM - Reliable Health Advice and Remedies

Nondrug Remedies Can Ease Psoriatic Arthritis Pain

Nancy Kolb  | former president and CEO of the Please Touch Museum | Visionary Woman 2009

Please Touch Museum's President and Chief Executive Officer, Nancy Kolb , retired on Friday, November 20 after 21 years as the museum's lead.