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Texture of Nature by WildGepard

rainylak-e: “ Texture of Nature (by wildgepard) ”

­Animal Camouflage Pictures, video, and description

How Animal Camouflage Works

Masters of disguise: 15 Fascinating Animal Camouflage (Animal Camouflage, Camouflage) - ODDEE

Stripes-nothing more beautiful!

We couldn't finish the week without sharing nature's most perfect black and white. The zebra's background color is black, and the white stripes and bellies are additions. Each striping pattern is unique to each individual zebra.

Starting with horrible spiders and all the way to majestic eagles, every animal is perfectly adapted to the environment in order to survive and hunt but some of them are taking the art of blending in to a whole new level.

Incredible Images With Camouflaged Animals Which I Bet You Won't Be Able Spot

When I was little i felt bad for animals because they couldn't give real hugs or kisses. It made me so sad.

The reason I pined this zebra picture was because even though their stripes are not all the same shape and same sizes they always go black and white which makes the colours repetitive

Yavru Zebra

* * I asked the zebra, " Are you white with black stripes, or black with white stripes?========== ZEBRA: Are you good with bad habits or bad with good habits?" ( I'll never ask a zebra abouts stripes again!


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Wolf in horse clothing

Four Wolves by Judy Larson, a wildlife camouflage artist, a collection of art with horses and wolves with concealed hidden images.