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Labor Day Coloring Contest: People at Work!   You and your child can celebrate this special holiday that honors workers everywhere with a Coloring Contest! Encourage your child to show his or her creativity in the context of this important holiday by coloring many fun pages, including picturing themselves as one of our selected professions.
As part of our Occupations unit, your child can dress up his or her avatar as a police officer, nurse, teacher, and more.
We just released a new set of glossary puzzles to go with "The Tortoise and the Hare"!  This set features definitions of glossary words from the book, as well as example sentences and colorful images, to help young children understand the meaning of the book's new and interesting vocabulary.
Encourage your child to practice fine motor skills with our newest set of printables! The set includes activities to practice cutting around an oval or circle. #ABCmouse #whatsnew #finemotorskills
Advisor Tip: While waiting in line (like at a store), talk to your child about who is first, second, third, etc. Using these positional words will help develop math skills, as well as expand vocabulary. #ABCmouse #AdvisorTip #mathskills #kids
We've put up even more Colors in My Closet activities! This new content provides practice with color recognition, reinforcing this important skill by helping children think about the colors they see in the world all around them.
Check out our complete set of Preschool Alphabet Matching printables! Practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters.
Ahoy, mateys!  Young learners, come aboard and practice recognizing alphabet letters with Pirate Alphabet Bubble Popper! Practicing the names and sounds of letters is especially important for younger learners, so today we’re releasing this new alphabet bubble popping game. Log in to ABCmouse.com to play
Advisor Tip: Drawing promotes the recognition of visual details and improved eye-hand coordination. #advisortip #drawing #ABCmouse
Simple and fun songs are a fantastic way for young children to learn new things! We have 3 new songs for our youngest learners that teach important lessons, such as polite phrases/greetings, parts of the body, and counting from 1 to 10.