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Meet Harry Styles bucket-list

Meet Harry Styles ✅Done! IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE! Won meet and greets through my radio station! I walk over and he is the first to approach and give me a hug! He smells awesome and is great at giving hugs July 2015

... Challenge accepted. :3 One Direction - Harry Styles <3

My goal in life. Or Mrs. Horan or Mrs.Malik or Mrs.Tomlinson or Mrs.

Niall Horan please <3


Hey i don't know you, and this is crazy, Harry Styles, date me maybe?<< haha this is perfect I am listening to call me maybe right now

ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!! <3 Bucket list!

I didnt know there was an official one direction store but im going to shop there

Not in the desert. I want to own my own camel to ride.

Done that! Rode a camel at the Calgary zoo. When I was little my mom took me a lot, and one day there were camel rides for some reason.