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I would do that

Funny text - I got suspended from school - Jokes, Memes & Pictures the best thing ever!

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Golden Girls

{The Golden Girls} ~ Blanche - "I don't look right in American clothes, I have a more European body." ~ Rose - "Oh, in Europe, do they all have big butts too?

Вопрос 13. 500 дней лета. Непосредственная Саммер - не очень близок ее стиль, но персонаж симпатичен

Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Zooey Deschanel portray the characters of Tom Hansen and Summer Finn respectively in the movie Days of Summer".

Probably my all time favorite romantic comedy! Love this movie and this scene!

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I want a picture of my man when I walk in. Thank you, 27 Dresses, I will never go to a wedding again without looking at the groom first.

Ohhh Will....you always know what to say

Jami - Have we heard this before? How boring people describe fun people - Funny quote by Will Ferrell: "Immature" is a word that boring people use to describe fun people.

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Part One: Men vs Women pics) We are so different. Part One: Men vs Women pics)