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bookgeekconfessions: Goodnight, Geeks.

When a book is so frustrating you want to throw it across the room, but you keep reading instead. actually I do throw it, then go pick it up and continue reading.

*Raises hand slowly* is it bad that I have this problem

"'I have nothing to read,' I sigh, surrounded by my 130 unread books." - I'm literally having this problem right now, haha.

Actually did this today and the librarian just sighed and smiled at me like I was something precious.  Awkwardness ensued.

Bookfessions I get the urge to brush my fingers across the book spines when I walk through a library or bookstore.

If I like the author, I'll read every book s/he's written.

I read books too quickly to not read series! One book feels like a half hour episode!

It's a decision we all make #books #quotes

I decided staying up all night and finishing my book was more important than being mentally present today.

The giddy feeling you get when it's just you and your book in the house alone.

The giddy feeling yo get when it's just you and your book in the house alone.

Book love.

this is so true, my "to-read" list never seems to stop growing! There are too many books to read and too little time to actually do it! Especially when I finish a series book :)

Cough cough The Mark of Athena cough cough.

19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand- this was me waiting for blood of Olympus! But now I am waiting for Magnus chase the hammer of Thor


This is so funny to me because I always make jokes about how many books I have all over the house that haven't even been cracked open, yet I'll still go to the bookstore and buy about 10 books that look like "good reads".


Funny pictures about When books haunt you. Oh, and cool pics about When books haunt you. Also, When books haunt you.

Sadly I am to poor

Every time I go into a bookstore, I get this happy feeling just imagining all the books I could read. Course, then i get a little sad cuz i have so little money. and even less room for more books *sniff*