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To all my children with all my love!!

My forever feeling to my precious baby! I am proud of you and love you more than words could ever express.



Lovely. But it's not a Sparrow. It looks most like a Great Tit.    I'm picky like that.

Same pose, bat & night flower (jasmine)

Oh my cod this guy

Ahhh chimchim u shmuck

Jimin is the only one who laughs about Jin's Dad-Jokes

WithOUT FAIL XD. Jiminie is his eomma's biggest fan which I think is honestly so adorable ;D they are ultimate parent-child OTP material!

I wish they would look at me the same way....

I wish they would look at me the same way. <<< I just want ANYONE to look at me the same way. I will feel like a much better person if somebody were to look at me with that much love in their eyes.

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Jimin can't even handle Rapmon right now BTS Meme Center allkpop

So beautifully stunning <<< my heart can't take this he's too gorgeous ❤️ Jimin

Jimin with messy hair is the best thing xD

oml dats so good

Tf i cant even draw a stick figure correctly like you be trippen