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Pretty much

Pretty much

Sleeping with sirens I think I can't really see, black veil brides, my chemical romance, Peirce the veil, falling in reverse these are not in order so....

(top to bottom) Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Falling In Reverse, and Pierce The Veil; BVB forever :D

There's these things called "friends"... I'm not completely sure what they are, but I want one. I wear my band merch to try and find them.

The way me and my bf met was me wearing a BVB band tee and he said "I love that band! and that was 4 months ago. BAND MERCH IS A GREAT MATING CALL xD<<<< awww this comment makes me happy

Actually not that big.. or am I wrong? (5 - 10 years aren't that much or is it?<<<and then there’s me with my 27 year age gap

- 10 years aren't that much or is it?<<<and then there’s me with my 27 year age gap<<<<< oyvi feel ya try being 14 and your band crush is almost 30

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Adorable, sweet, little angel Patrick.

Do I smell * whips around* FALL OUT BOY *burns down building*<--- Repining for that freakin' comment oh my gosh! XD

Do I smell * whips around* FALL OUT BOY *burns down building*<<<God our fandom is crazy and perfect

True. So true.

When birds start singing Fall Out Boy let me know


One Direction concerts be like


I've only ever been to a One Direction concert and a The 1975 concert, but still SO ACCURATE

Basically. I have become friggin obsessed, they're all I want to talk about....sorry I'm not sorry?

Found on

me in fucking bed: i wonder if fall out boy walked in

It's very fun down here

The fandom life.this is like so true . Thought I don't know bout the hell part

That's how you know you've listened to too many bands

Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance and Stressed Øut by Twenty Øne Piløts

They just don't understand how being an outcast is they've always had the pretty perfect life freaking snobby fake arses but their the only "real friends" I have cause I can never seem to find "my kind"....so wanna be friends. ..c:

I dont reslly like bvb but this is hilarious

I would come down too

The best way to summon me is to play fall out boy

Look! There goes my social life out the window! #only for kellin

Sleeping With Sirens Photo: kellin Quinn