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Philodryas chamissonis | by Diego Reyes Arellano

The long-tailed snake, Philodryas chamissonis,, is a species of moderately venomous opisthoglyphous (rear-fanged) colubrid snake native to South America.

22-foot 2500 pound croc, Niger River, Africa

The 22-foot, 2500-pound human-eating crocodile — yikes!!!

22 foot - 2500 pound Crocodile The people in a village on the Niger River in Africa were losing fellow villagers at such a rapid rate, that they had to call in the Army to hunt down the culprit. A 22 foot, 2500 pound Crocodile

These leaping lovelies.

moonpin: “ thegreenwolf: “ tearun: “ Ah yes the majestic flapflaps… ” Wait, are those breaching mantas? ” no they are the majestic flapflaps ”

Three-Head Cobra.  Reminded me of myth of Cerberus, the three-headed dog.  A natural mutation, or maybe caused by pollutants and pesticides?

"Three Headed Cobra" - The image does not depict a real three headed snake. A photograph of a normal, one-headed snake has been digitally manipulated to create the fake three-headed version.


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˚Patch-nosed Snake, Salvadora hexalepis virgultea

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