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There's no need to repeat yourself I ignored you just fine the first time! Lol I definitely work with people this applies to!

This is how it is with every could I think... I wish it was this way for us :):) 2 bed hogs is not good...

Dog Side VS Your Side in Bed. If you sleep with your dog(s), is that how it works in your bed? This is definitely how it is in my bed!

I used to play this all the time!  Now my siblings play it and I understand why my mom doesn't like the game. ;)

We played "the floor is lava" all the time when we were kids. It was SO fun jumping across the living room from couch to couch.

Going to make a great parent someday. | 26 Kids Who Are Definitely Going Places

26 Kids Who Are Definitely Going Places

Positive ways our family handles stress: suck it up. Dad, is that you?

or a few too many John Daleys @Sarah Winding @Liana Rose @ROE LA FLAMME @Jessica Bruno

If you' never jumped from one couch to the other to avoid the lava you' never had a childhood. OR I NEVER HAD 2 COUCHES. childhood If you' never jumped from one couch to the other avoid lava had a OR I NEVER HAD 2 COUCHES

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I said this to my Algebra Teacher once, she did not get it. That's okay, I didn't get Algebra either. My Geometry teacher had a far better sense of humor. Algebra never make sense until after I took Geometry any way.

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like student practice reports.especially when the name has been erased and rewritten.


beware of the dog, the cat is shady as fuck also, sign, funny, lol

Mmm hot tub days

We dont skinny dip chunky dunk sign pool hot tub spa decor wood handmade Trimble Crafts plaque

Old people at weddings always poke me

Funny pictures about Old people. Oh, and cool pics about Old people. Also, Old people photos.

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Do you know that awesome feeling when you get into bed fall right asleep stay asleep all night and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day yeah me neither