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I've also done this one and failed,I couldn't get the face right

I love these outlines so much.

Sunset Color Haze Fantasy ✨ Pinterest Discover more ideas

Sundreams - iPhone 5 Backgrounds on Behance


Cool p Full HD Wallpapers For Android Mobile

Make you like you are at the beach.

palms and sunset clouds

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Love this as I am not very good at drawing faces.

ITALY DOLOMITES WINTER  #photo by Max Rive #autumn mountains winter reflection italy dolomites

Dolimites, Italy - photo by Max Rive

sun so glam yo

I liked this image because of the opacity of the girl. The background image is able to be seen through her and I found that interesting.

"=black and white sketches/fillers=" by ceemar8 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring fillers, doodles, outlines, sketch, text, phrase, quotes, saying, scribble and draw

- use drawing tablet - Selfie of someone - Draw - Print - Give it to them

Sanchita Karma : When karma is stored up and then you have to deal with all of it at one time. Can be changed if you go to the root seed, they say. http://pranaworld.net/the-four-kinds-of-karma/

Drawn in the clouds.