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Tom Hiddleston

Just a gal from Connecticut, USA whose life has become completely overtaken by Thomas William Hiddleston, aka the most beautiful man on the planet. I'm married and older than Hiddles.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston at the Press Conference for “Only Lovers Left Alive” at Cannes Film Festival by Lucie Otto-Bruc - Fuckin hell

Ahahaha! Somewhere in the world, someone is misquoting Shakespeare. I can sense it.

Tom's Shakespeare-senses are tingling -- I love Tom Hiddleston so much

This. Is. Brilliant! Thank you to whoever made this, although the name "erectionsandtea" makes this a bit too awkward to share with friends and family...

Damn you Tom Hiddleston! ----> I think this person wins all.>>>excuse the language but this is actually pretty accurate

I got: Pretty close! How much of a Tom Hiddleston are you?

How much of a Tom Hiddleston are you?

I like to imagine that we are having a conversation and he is trying to be serious but I say something that cracks his serious demeanor and that is the look I'm rewarded with. (And tom)