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Weet u hoeveel tienerzwangerschappen er jaarlijks in ons land voorkomen? Hoeveel immigranten er in België wonen? Hoeveel 65-plussers? Onderzoeksbureau Ipsos Mori zocht in 14 landen uit hoe verkeerd de burgers bepaalde sociale fenomenen of de samenstelling van hun populatie inschatten.

America is the developed world's second most ignorant country - thanks Fox News.

Newsela | Cereal sales just won't go pop

The most popular breakfast cereals in America today - The Washington Post

The New Fat Revolution—Are All Fats Really Healthy?

If you've been skeptical and/or confused by recent news about the how low fat diets touted by the government and medical community for the past couple decades was a load of crap, read this article. The New Fat Revolution—Are All Fats Really Healthy?

Welcome to the Food Revolution Resource Kit "THE 2014 FOOD REVOLUTION SUMMIT" ~ Broadcasting Worldwide April 26th - May 4th  ~ Clik pic for info.

Food Revolution Resource Kit

Anyone else tired of low-fat crap? Read this post and look into this book "Death by Food Pyramid"

Death by Food Pyramid: How Shoddy Science, Sketchy Politics and Shady Special Interests Have Ruined Our Health: Denise Minger:


How 'toxic' is sugar? Research suggests links to deadly diseases but some doctors and food industry representative are skep.

The Washington Post

Hong Kong’s crossed arms and other protest gestures around the world - The Washington Post