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Sunbeams-Always necessary to build a stairway to Heaven!

I saw before me a golden curtain and I climbed the stairs as if in a dream., by Geoff at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra. Do You Dream in Color?

"Wow So beautiful"

Writing Question: How do you use nature to convey emotions or themes in your writing?

Some people take for granted how beautiful mother nature is and how breathtaking it can be.Us Taurus s value it and apprecaite it and have a vision so deep for creativity.



Softly the night comes...

just an ordinary December day.a day to finish one's Christmas shopping. to purchase the Christmas turkey.

Columbia River Gorge,

Spring flowers, Dalles section, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Washington. Photo: Kevin McNeal via Views

Late afternoon sun on a winter's day.

Sunset over the Charles River in Cambridge, MA. Fuller was born and raised in Cambridge, which is most likely where her love for nature grew.