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History of the Humble Toothbrush

History of the Humble Toothbrush

The Radius Toothbrush. When you use one you can't go back to regular toothbrushes, it seems like poking at your mouth with a small stick. The Radius was designed on the island of Tortola by two architects. Manufactured with solar powered machines.

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Now how do we brush our teeth children? Meet Ada Hand’s first grade class demonstrating how to brush your teeth outsider the Miner Normal School in Washington D. The school is now a National historic site and was established in 1851 as the “Normal.

History of the Toothbrush Infographic

The history of the toothbrush. The toothbrush takes a travel through time…. – Looking For Friendship, Meeting New People or Finding Love

Keep forgetting to replace your tooth brush every 3 months? Worry not, they now have a toothbrush subscription that brings them to your door step!

Toothbrush Subscription

Preserve Toothbrush Subscription/ moving to an earth friendly tooth brush. get a new one every 3 months and send the used one back!

The first patented toothbrush was 1857, acquired by H.N. Wadsworth in the United States. What's interesting is that mass production of these toothbrushes didn't occur for another 28 years in 1885. I guess that is because tooth brushing never really caught on until the end of the WWII. It was part of a soldier's daily routine to clean their teeth, and this was something that they brought home with them. Here are some toothbrushes that were similar to North American toothbrushes at the time.

Did you know that the first patented toothbrush was in acquired by H. Wadsworth in the United States.

7000 BC - The Bow Drill Era Dentistry got its start in the Indus Valley of India and Pakistan. These industrious would-be dentists were master beadmakers who used bow drills to cure tooth problems. This is also the first appearance of dental assistants, whose duties consisted of restraining the

Vintage Dentistry Tools--These tools sure have come a long way, ensuring better comfort for our patients!

Dentist in New York. Photographed by Andreas Bleckmann

Dentist in New York. Photographed by Andreas Bleckmann