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History of the Humble Toothbrush

The Radius Toothbrush. When you use one you can't go back to regular toothbrushes, it seems like poking at your mouth with a small stick. The Radius was designed on the island of Tortola by two architects. Manufactured with solar powered machines.

Silver toothbrush/razor holders

Silver toothbrush/razor holders

These beautiful toothbrush holders come in gold, silver, and nickel. They make dental hygiene look so nice!

History of the Toothbrush:

The history of the toothbrush. The toothbrush takes a travel through time.

Toothbrush Subscription - love this!  The beginning of a beautiful thing  Preserve launched as a company in 1997 with the Toothbrush. Then as now, we make it and we take it back. When you send your Toothbrush back to us, a partner company will grind it up and turn it into plastic lumber for use in new picnic tables, park benches, and boardwalks.

Preserve Toothbrush Subscription/ moving to an earth friendly tooth brush. get a new one every 3 months and send the used one back!

Springs and gold were used to attach dentures and help hold them in the mouth. George Washington's last denture.

Although comical, these pictures do highlight how dentistry has changed over the centuries. A commonly held belief is that George Washington had wooden teeth. George Washington did have chronic tooth problems,

RADIUS Kidz Toothbrush for Kids 6+. 100% BPA free, USA made with thumb grip, angled neck & oval head for accurate brushing. So fun also!


RADIUS Kidz Toothbrush for Kids BPA free, USA made with thumb grip, angled neck & oval head for accurate brushing.