Lol this episode is so weird (beauty and the beast 2 parts) but Arthur is so funny in this scene!

Lol this episode is so weird (beauty and the beast 2 parts) but Arthur's face is hilarious in this scene!

The picture that mad me want to watch merlin <<<You should. You know, until you realize there's a limited number of episodes and it's over and it's cancelled and you will never have any more Merlin and EVERYTHING IS GONE

This is my favorite quote from all of Merlin "describe dollop-head in two words" "prince Arthur" - although I love Donkey Arthur's quotes "eeor"

Awesome but the Percy Jackson movies sucks ass and we all (should) know that The books were my childhood though

im every one of these fandoms! this is too much for my poor heart.

"@MissingMerlin: #MissingMerlin " thanks to over-playing on the radio, the last frame makes me think of Uptown Funk

Missing Merlin on

I really wish that Merlin would have told Arthur about his Dragonlord powers. And about Balinor.

Merlin has two outfits, the blue shirt/red scarf combo seen above and a red shirt/blue scarf combo. But, yeah, that light blue shirt is not something Merlin has ever worn.