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Spanish Medieval Knight Suit of Armor of the Century by Marto of Toledo Spain. It reminds me of my family history and where my last name comes from.

realistic+black+plate+armor+very+large.jpg (242×615)

The jousting armor of Dr. Tobias Capwell, scholar and warrior. A unique armour in the English style, circa 1440 - made of hardened and tempered medium carbon steel with rich gilt ornamentation and gilt chainmail. A real Iron Man.

Field armor of Henry VIII of England, Italian, Milan or Brescia, about 1544, at the w:Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Henry VIII's suit of armour, Italian made. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - now that is one heck of a suit of armor!

갑.옷.조.아 | 유머 게시판 | 루리웹 모바일

Fairies all over California and Arizona, Armor sets / with friends. Brigandine, Bishop's mantle, Splint upper arms and lower and Maille Gloves.

Horses in the Middle Ages were rarely differentiated by breed, but rather by use. This led them to be described, for example, as "chargers" (war horses), "palfreys" (riding horses), cart horses or packhorses. Reference is also given to their place of origin, such as "Spanish horses," but whether this referred to one breed or several is unknown.

Medieval Weapons

Impressive site containing plentiful information about most medieval weapons & their variants. a former Medieval/Renaissance college board member highly recommend site as well worth a read.


Desiderius Helmschmid, German, c. Armor of Emperor Charles V…

Early modern period European three-quarter armour without a helmet.

Eagle Medieval Shield [ Swordnarmory.com ] #shields

Eagle Medieval Shield [ Swordnarmory.com ] #shields

Saxon Sword by UlfsHeimArmory on Etsy. For more Viking facts please follow and check out www.vikingfacts.com don't forget to support and follow the original Pinner/creator. Thx

Saxon Sword

Not a fan of the sword, but the sheild is nice. Saxon Sword by UlfsHeimArmory on Etsy - love this!

iamhereareyou:  The knight

Knight in shining armor . I think I'd rather have a Knight in UNshiny armor cause that would mean he was a fighter & I'd want him to fight for me when/if the moment came.

Foot-Combat Helm of Sir Giles Capel (1485–1556) | possibly British | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Foot-combat helm cm) of Sir Giles Capel who fought in the famous tournament called "Field of the Cloth of Gold" in Calais 1520 England