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toddler outdoor fun... enjoy one of our great City parks with your toddler!

Learn about outdoor activities that are fun and safe to do with your toddler, who may still a bit unsteady and can't climb the playground equipment.

19 Engaging Activities for 1 Year Olds


1 year old toddler activities: Sensory Activities Discovery Toys Baby Toys Craft Ideas for Toddlers good fine motor skill activities

40 ways to keep a toddler busy - probably the best list I've seen.  Some of these activities older kids would enjoy as well.

By far, the best toddler activity list I've ever seen. We're starting tomorrow! 40 Ways to Distract a Toddler. (As a preschool teacher I would call this 40 Ways for a toddler to learn through play.

9 Activities For Your 1 year old {and older kids too.}

9 Activities For Your 1 year old {and older kids too

9 activities to do with a 1 year old.and older kids too. This actually seems like a list of things they can do. Some things pinned are a little too advanced for someone who likes to bang blocks together and throw books.

Painting the Driveway with water -- great for a nice day!

Water Activity: Painting the Driveway

Painting with real tools. Paint rollers, paint brushes and even a paint pan. But with water! Take it outside on the driveway and paint it! My kids LOVE to paint with water.we have only used brushes though. Love the rollers!

These are great!  25 Super Simple Activities to engage toddlers - they are REALLY simple.  Like things you could do RIGHT now with things you already have at home.


25 super ideas to entertain toddlers over summer! This "Toddler Bucket List", inspired by Creative by Kids, has simple activities for the toddler years. Scroll down for MORE activities.

50 Things to Do with the Kids in Nashville Before They Grow Up (or, 50 Things to Entice My Sister and Kids to Visit Me)

Nashville Bucket List: 50 Things to Do with Kids Before They Grow Up

"Quiet Time Bins" for Each Day of the Week   a list of 24 things to put in them! Great idea, I will be making some this weekend!

"Quiet Time Bins" for Each Day of the Week + a list of 24 things to put in them! -- this is a great idea for Mason's quiet time in his room daily. Use bins with special quiet time activities.GET a traffic light alram clock to signal when he is done.

Learn with Play @ home: 4 Fun Toddler Ideas on Tuesday Tots

4 Fun Toddler Ideas on Tuesday Tots