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Yep, multiple times... or loses their soul

More accurately, this is Problem Problem - when your favorite character dies for the umpteenth time. Problem - when your favorite character dies for the last time.

That is why I keep a notebook buy my bed

Nerd Girl Problem That's why it's a good idea to keep a notebook by your bed!

I have no clue why ANYONE still uses IE --_- my brain stops functioning when I see someone using it.

Nerd Girl Problem 110 - When Girls Say "I'm A Computer Geek Too!" While Using Internet Explorer.

Thats me! I love my nook but it doesnt have the same smell as a book

Nerd Girl Problem - People think your weird because you like to smell books. It's like seriously yeah I smell books cause they smell good! You got a Problem?

Nerd Girl Problem

That's just a Nerd problem and they keeping going on how they are a hundred percent sure that he is in the MCU.

Nerd Girl Problems

Nerd Girl Problem 279 - Everyone Thinks You're Weird For Having An In-Depth Zombie Survival Plan.