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18 datos acerca de Friends que te harán sentir más viejo que un maldito dinosaurio

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I'll Be There For You - Gemaakt door Andrew Till

Real friends r always there for u -Mari.,Friends' show song: "I'll Be There For You" - Made by Andrew Till

20 Awesome Netflix's Stranger Things Fan Art Pieces

21 Awesome Fan Art Pieces for Netflix's Stranger Things

"Inspired by Irving Penn's cigarette series but with added femininity, these discarded cigarette butts of friends and strangers are not just still lifes but portrait studies."

Joanna Ference - Lipstick Stains Identity is in the details. Inspired by Irving Penn‘s cigarette series, photographer Joanna Ference collects cigarette butts from female friends and strangers,.

I have watched each episode 5 times a year since I was 15!! That's alot of time invested

Off topic but do you think there's water proof slime? Kinda been getting into stuff I never thought I would lately.like emojis

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34 Rachel Green Fashion Moments You Forgot You Were Obsessed with on 'Friends'

Central Perk, Monicas iconic yellow peephole frame, Phoebes smelly cat, the dog statue, and other memorable details inspired by the favorite

Friends TV Show Watercolor Illustration Print Wall Art Collage Fandom Poster NBC