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What If I Told You Free College Undermines The Military's Ability To Recruit Soldiers? Many people enlist into the military because they cannot afford college and have no other option to get any sort of training/knowledge/education to get ahead in life.

t's a tough call saying Inigo's my favorite character because they're all so awesome. But Inigo is the fave.

The Princess Bride Quotes: My English teacher once said, "If you"re not sure about a word, do not use it." People sound silly trying to be eloquent and end up making asses of themselves : / (Try Not To Laugh Challenge)

confessions-of-a-MSer  ….and suddenly, they all became doctors.

confessions-of-a-crohnie: ….and suddenly, they... - crohnschronicals

PokitDok Board Member Lisa Suennen's recent post discusses Health Literacy in a Consumer-Centric System.